Estate Planning, Trusts, & Probate

Estate Planning, Trusts, & Probate - Grandparents and Grandchildren on a walk

Estate planning is necessary for anyone who has significant assets in their name, as well as for people who are responsible for another person’s financial support. Siemann Law Firm provides comprehensive estate planning services, including wills, trusts, probate, and will contest litigation.


Your will determines how your property will be distributed after your death. This document can also be used to name an administrator for your estate, as well as to determine who will care for your children if you die while they are still minors. For this reason, it is important to have an updated, detailed will at all times. Our firm will help you draft an ironclad will that meets your needs.


A trust is a legal arrangement that allows you to pass property to an heir without the need for probate after your death. Several types of trusts are available, and each type of trust serves a different person. Our firm will help you decide which trust is best for you. We will also help you create and execute the appropriate trust.

Probate of Wills & Administration of Estates

Following the death of an individual with a will, probate proceedings are often necessary. During probate, the court validates the individual’s will, appoints an estate administrator, and executes the instructions left by the decedent. If you are involved in a case involving probate or the administration of an estate, Siemann Law Firm can help you through the process from start to finish.

Will Contest Litigation

In some cases, one or more interested parties may contest a decedent’s will, leading to a battle in court. When you are involved in will contest litigation, having the right legal representative is essential. We have experience with these cases, and we will fight by your side to protect your interests.

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